Inflatable Furniture

We shape air

From the Cosymoose design house we present the "chill chair" and the "chill-lounger",  a take anywhere, super tough inflatable furniture that is oh so comfortable.

Packed away in  their custom storage bag, these furniture take up very little room in your car, van or boat. But after just a few seconds inflation with either our cosymoose pump, and boom! A super comfortable place to chill.

These chairs and sun-loungers are designed to live on the campsite, the beach, the dock or even your terrace at home. 

We have tested our products to the limits, and in some pretty imaginative ways! So if you want to drag them around the rocks to catch the sunset, sit and chill in the water, or even tow them behind your boat, Their super durable construction will take any abuse you throw at them. 

We at Cosymoose created the "chill chair" and the "chill-lounger" as a sustainable solution to cheap and nasty one-time inflatables that are sold everywhere and seriously adding to the growing environmental isssue

We wanted to create a stylish alternative that would last a lifetime, instead of 10 minutes.

The boston valve system allows both for easy  inflation and super fast deflation, while keeping the air securely in it and leak-free while you want to enjoy the chair.

The safety release valve means that if you "chill" a bit too hard, the air will giveout well before the chair does!

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