David Baert

With an education in Mechanics aswell as a long established career in design and architecture, David truly knows his materials, and truly knows how to be creative with them. It was this unique background that drove him to take advanced material technology and turn it into a playful, usable, unique brand. 

Iain Wain

Originally from the Westcoast of the UK, Iain has established himself in Scandinavia designing and building bespoke outdoor spaces. His passion for sailing and surfing means he knows what demands are made from the harsh elements and places him in a unique position to help guide clients toward the right product for their needs.


Somewhere in Belgium, someone was creating a unique material technology. Somewhere in Austria a creative Outdoor architect was looking for an innovative material to create and design bespoke eyecatching iconic furniture. At the same time in Sweden, an entrepeneurial sailor was looking for uniquely hard wearing, flexible outdoor products for both on and off the water. As with all great things, with a bit of luck; at the right time, at the right place all this came together and the cosymoose concept was born.

iconic, innovative, weatherproof furniture solutions.

The art of simplicity

is a puzzle of complexity

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